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E-learning about lymphatic drainage and manual treatments.

We organize e-learning in obesitology, lectures are mostly in Czech. Here there are some in English and Vietnamese also:


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STOB company training courses

STOB company organizes obesity-treatment cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) training courses for obesity treatment coaches. Participants may be doctors, psychologists, nutritional therapeutists and other professionals. The theoretical basics of CBT will be introduced over the weekend course. The methodology of 12 lessons can be applied both, individually and in groups. Course learners will receive Weight Reduction Trainers Manual and many other practical tools necessary for this method application. STOB's goal is to expand the courses in all major Czech cities. There are about 300 trained coaches already, who operate weight reduction courses in 60 cities of the Czech Republic.

OBEZNI.CZ - International Medical Symposium on
Obese Patients from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

was hosted by:

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of Czech Technical University

National Institute of Health, Slovakia 

Event dates and location were:


  • Kuliat Foundation, Philippines: Telebridge teleconferencing
  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Kladno, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic: Telebridge teleconferencing
  • National Institute of Health, High Tatras, Slovakia: Telebridge teleconferencing
  • 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University Prague, Czech Republic: Telebridge teleconferencing on April 11th, symposium
  • PVA EXPO Grounds in Prague, Czech Republic: Nebezpečný svět kalorií (Dangerous World of Calories) Book Launch


Due to the consequences of pathological obesity on morbidity and mortality, the weight problems of obese patients need to be tackled energetically. The symposium provides to physicians, psychologists and scientists a unique venue to share their views and to give their contributions to this important area.


Program of the symposium was divided into specialized sections, head of each section is leading expert on medicine, psychology and/or nutrition.

1. Metabolic Consequences and Laboratory Diagnostics

Prof. Zima, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague    

2. Telemedicine Monitoring

Prof. Kukurova, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava                 

3. Pathogenesis of Obesity

Ass. Prof. Hainer, Institute of Endocrinology in Prague

4. Bariatric Surgery and Metabolic Surgery

Prof. Fried, OB Clinic, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders Treatment Centre

5. Economic Aspects of Obesity

Ing. Kvicala, Euroinstitut.eu

6. Obese Patients Education 

P.R.A.M. Santos, Kuliat Foundation, Philippines

7.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Malkova., STOB Society

8. Current Trends in Obesity Treatment

Ass. Prof. Streda, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Kladno

9.  Obesity Prevention in Children and Teens 

Dr. Tlaskal, Czech Society for Nutrition

10. Children and Adolescents Obesity

Markéta Bednaříková DiS., Dr. Kateřina Bednaříková, Children Healthcenters in Southern Moravia

11. Weight Loss in Spa Hospital Mánes 

Petra Brunclíková DiS., Šárka Suraová, Spa Hospital Mánes of Na Homolce Hospital, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

13. A Half Century in Czech Obesitology

Prof.Dolecek, Faculty Hospital Ostrava

14. The Modern Concept of Eeight-loss over Internet

Dr. Málková and Mgr. Divoká, STOB sciety Prague

15. Myths and Facts in Nutrition

Prof. Dostalova, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague

16. News in Nutrition

Ass. Prof. Kohout, IKEM, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague


Collection of abstracts was published by Faculty of BIomedical Engineereing, Czech Technical University

Symposium OBEZNI.CZ president

Prof. Rajko Dolecek, M.D., D.Sc, University Hospital in Ostrava

For further information please contact: sympozium@bojujemestuky.cz